B2 Fire Rated?

Its now not rate the candle!

A B2 Fire Rating on a product does not imply that product would be old fashioned for fireplace stopping or fireplace proofing.

After we attain a fireplace risk overview we continuously win sigh on fireplace stopping. On one contemporary job we commented that extra fireplace stopping was wished. The client employed a contractor who old fashioned Soudafoam. On the tin its says the product is ‘B2 Fire Rated based mostly totally on DIN 4102’.

Our client then asked us to up date our fireplace risk overview as these works had been finished..

Before signing this off we did some extra analysis to place what a ‘B2 Fire Rating based mostly totally on DIN 4102’ intended. Din 4102 is the European Classification of constructing materials based mostly totally on their flammability. The Classes fluctuate from A1 100% non combustible to B3 Effortlessly combustible. That is what we discovered:

Rating Level of flammability Examples

A1 100% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
A2 ~98% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
B1 Complex to ignite (schwer entflammbar) intumescents and some excessive live silicones
B2 Usual combustibility picket
B3 Effortlessly ignited (leichtentflammbar)

As that you would possibly also look from this a B2 rating is now not acceptable as a fireplace stopping material and either a B1, A2 or A1 classification is wished. The contractors’ dealer had belief that classification B2 indicated a 2 hour fireplace rating and had sold the fabric to many other contractors who had been having a gaze for a fireplace stopping material.

Buying for added files on Soudafoam on the http://www.soudalusa.com net discipline we discovered an inventory of the urged uses; heat insulation, sound insulation and various alternative uses are instantaneous there are no comments on fireplace insulation.

The observation B2 Fire Rated is obviously appropriate but having a gaze on the online for Soudafoam and coming across an advertisement love this

Soudafoam 1Kb2 Fire Rated Aerosol Foam

I judge most folks would have interaction that the product does like appropriate fireplace proofing values.

To win the matter extra irritating foam with the train A1/A2/B1 classification is no dearer that the Soudafoam Product.

To sell one thing as ‘B2’ Fire Rated whilst factually appropriate is amazingly deceptive. â�¨â�¨I posted this sigh as a dialogue for the length of the ‘Fire Threat Assessors and Consultants Community UK’ on LinkedIn. I obtained a in actuality engrossing acknowledge from Gordon Alexander of Gordon Alexander Friends which I reproduction in fat:â�¨

Be very conscious about the usage of PU foams. They must be examined to BS 476: Parts 20/22, BS EN 1366-4 within the case of linear gaps and BS EN 1366-3 for service penetration seals. There is a in actuality extensive distinction between Reaction to Fire PU Foams a lot like B1 B2 and heaps others and Fire Resistence to Fire PU Foams. Have a stare upon the ASFP Advisory Seek for on The use of Polyurethane Foams and win certain they’re utilized as they were examined. I like had many an misfortune with this – in train Fire Door Installations. The use of penetration foam for sealing doors is now not a compliant set up… and vice versa pointless to issue. When old fashioned on door installations the backing must, in various conditions, be mineral wool topped off with now not lower than 10mm of intumescent sealant and all as per producers instructions and installed as per test files. You would possibly now not appropriate ‘bang in’ a load of foam – in train B2.

I hope these comments are priceless and abet win certain the train materials are old fashioned within the train conditions.


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