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Ensuing from its colossal taste, the walleye is a in actuality popular fish for every sportsmen and commercial fisheries. Though it’s usually referred to as walleye pike, the walleye is just not any longer a member of the pike family but is de facto a member of the freshwater perch family. It’s far most popular within the sure lakes of north central United States and is most grand in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In diverse areas of the country it will more than doubtless be stumbled on below about 60 diverse names including equivalent to dore, marble undercover agent, pike perch and yellow pike. The walleye gets its title from its expansive eyes which appreciate a special layer that lets in them to undercover agent very effectively in low light circumstances. It’s far the relate fish of Minnesota, South Dakota and Vermont. It turned into furthermore declared the legitimate fish of Saskatchewan. The walleye has an olive-brown colour with mottled brassy specks and a golden hue on the perimeters. It has a expansive mouth with many very consuming enamel. It averages 1 to three kilos but can develop to 22 kilos and 36 inches in dimension. It’s far a cozy flavored fish and is low in fat. Essentially the simplest formulation to cook walleye is to pan fry, deep fry, broil, bake or sauté.


The sauger is a member of the freshwater perch family and is closely connected to the walleye pike in every taste and appearance. Usually wrong for a walleye, the sauger has spots on its dorsal fin where the walleye does no longer. It’s far positioned within the jap half of of the United States in shallow lakes and expansive rivers and is most popular within the Mississippi river valley and the colossal lakes relate. Saugers are more grand in rivers where walleye is stumbled on principally in lakes and reservoirs. It’s far a migratory fish and prefers warmer water than its cousin the walleye. The sauger is a microscopic fish averaging lower than 1 pound and from 12 to 14 inches in dimension. It has a brownish attend, darker than the walleye, with a white abdomen that has four shadowy vertical bars on its side. In diverse areas it has many diverse names which embrace gray pike, pike perch, pickerel, pickering, rattlesnake pike, sand pike and jack salmon. The sauger has a flakey flesh that is snug in taste and low in fat. Essentially the simplest formulation to cook sauger is to Deep fry, Oven fry, pan fry, bake, broil or sauté.


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