Comparative Banking – Will Non-Passion Banking Succeed?


Islamic Banking or non-passion banking because it goes to be known as may likely maybe also likely be simply understood to be a banking direction of the build interests are no longer charged. Earnings on cash lent can supreme be realized from an even charge constructing direction of. Thus, non-passion banking legalises supreme earnings. All different forms of interests charging are prohibited.


To discus this subject moderately on this transient paper, it goes to be wise; to plot an evaluation by means of comparability and so evaluate non-passion banking as in opposition to the worn make of banking that’s predominant this present day. Thus, evaluating profit and loss sharing in opposition to passion charging.

1 – Savings and Investments

These are the 2 most important determinants of business development and development in any financial system. Opposite to the conventional apprehension, which purports that prohibition of interests may likely maybe also in the reduction of the level of savings and can thus retard financial development and development. A rise in passion charges, reduces the earnings of the borrower. It inevitably decreases its propensity to assign / invest. This occurs ensuing from the associated charge (passion) of funds he he borrows.

2. Unemployment and inflation

When interests charges are high, charge of capital are high and in general charge of manufacturing are additionally high. This causes a drop in the quantity of enterprise thatby leading to the closure of manufacturing devices, retrenchment of workers to decrease down prices or because their providers are no longer required, and producers may likely maybe also win to amplify prices of their items and providers to steadiness their ' charge / earnings 'trend . Thus, inflation is triggered.

Three. Profitability and Productiveness

Profit sharing guarantees leverage advantages to companies freed from risk and a return increased than the dart of passion to the financier. Fluctuations in the dart of profit on equity below profit and loss sharing finance are inclined to be smaller than the dart of profit on equity below passion finance, and profit and loss operations may likely maybe in fact bag a itsy-bitsy destabilizing doable for the financial system as a full in contrast to financing on passion. For the financiers and the companies that borrow funds from them, the profit and loss sharing machine is the finest and most viable.


With the prohibition of interests; resolution shares, cash owed, commercial papers, treasury bills, bankers' acceptance will no longer exist (at the very least of their passion e-discovering out sorts). This would now not whatsoever narrow the funding alternatives / portfolios available to banks. Here’s because different sources representing profit sharing arrangements will additionally exist mechanically. Thus, the names of resolution shares, commercial papers etc. may likely maybe also no longer commerce, nevertheless their passion characteristics will be abolished.

In an Islamic monetary machine, the availability of sources with a vary of risk characteristics is an efficient possibility and there is now not any motive to win that there may be a limit to the vary of sources in this kind of machine.


In gentle of the above justifications, it is moderately evident that non-passion banking is here to discontinue. I’m of the least doubt that from theferences, which is able to be drawn from the comparisons above, non-passion banking, will prevail. Here’s because 'profit sharing' is true as in contrast to different instruments of macroeconomic-financial policy (that’s, 'passion charging'). Profit sharing has a main quality, which most different macro-financial instruments in general lack. This fantastic is steadiness.


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