Sumatra: An Untouched Paradise Fat of Wander

Unlike its neighboring islands Bali or Java, Sumatra would not entice loads of travelers and despite the indisputable truth that right here is precisely what drew me to the island, it's exhausting to impress why. It's the greatest island in Indonesia and it has loads to provide; jungles, orangutangs, elephants, volcanos, waterfalls, … Briefly: an untouched paradise plump of jog!

Gunung Leuser National Park

Home to the orangutang and the Sumatran tiger, Gunung Leuser National Park is an top looking position for a jungle trekking. Build no longer be upset that you – probably – is no longer going to detect any tigers though, as my manual suggested me nobody ever sees one and it would possibly perchance maybe perchance presumably doubtlessly be the final notify you'd ever lay eyes on anyway.

Leaving early from Bukit Lawang, it did no longer final long earlier than we were surrounded by orangutangs and Thomas Leaf monkeys hiking the trees. It used to be very ultimate to detect how smartly the manual knew guidelines on how to have around every orang tang, as they all have their very have personality habits and a few of them love stealing baggage!


This light village on the border of the Gunung Leuser National Park undoubtedly stole my coronary heart. There's loads to put right here; washing elephants, river tubing, swimming within the waterfalls, … all this being surrounded by the classy tropical wooded arena. A really perfect position to connect with nature.

Even though Indonesians are in particular excellent folks in accepted, right here is undoubtably the position the put you are going to meet the most kindhearted folks ever. The least bit times ready to lend a hand and interested to divulge you about their culture, the guides will put all the pieces to develop your preserve undoubtedly exquisite.

Furthermore, elephants are exquisite animals and I wish to detect them delighted. I'm no longer an professional however I put dispute I saw delighted elephant faces in Tangkahan.

Sibayak Volcano, Berastagi

Mount Sibayak is one of Indonesia's active volcanos and the behold mountain hiking up to its crater is improbable. As you climb up to the head, the scent of sulphur will get stronger and there are steam vents with yellow colored rocks all around.

Funnily, as I was making consume of sunscreen my manual requested my why on earth I was covering myself with this white cream the total time. He first checked out me in shock, then started laughing uncontrollably when I acknowledged I'd flip purple if I did no longer.

Samosir island, Lake Toba

An island on an island! You is no longer going to simplest secure aesthetic landscapes right here, Samosir is additionally home to the Batak folks, an old vogue tribe that will gladly educate you about their culture. With their venerable dances, colourful ensembles and aesthetic homes decorated with geometric designs, their culture will astonish you.

Banda Aceh

I was a miniature hesitant before all the pieces to position Banda Aceh in my list of favorite destinations in Sumatra however the culture shock I skilled there and the tsunami stays the metropolis holds turned my visit into an unforgivable trip. At some point soon on this metropolis, as a transit show camouflage Pulau Weh, used to be ample though!

Being governed by strict Sharia regulations, this destination is no longer for all people however whilst you elect to poke there, it will undoubtedly leave you in concern.

Banda Aceh used to be hit by the tsunami in 2004 very badly and the impact it had on the metropolis is restful visible. You would possibly perchance maybe secure the irregular scrutinize of boats throughout the metropolis or on prime of a apartment, left untouched as a memorial right here. The Tsunami Museum offers an insight to the horrifying trip the oldsters persisted and it's price visiting too.

Pulau Weh

Right here’s a diminutive island located appropriate above Sumatra, with out pain accessible from Banda Aceh by ferry. With its crystal definite water and white sanded beaches, Pulau Weh is a paradise to snorkel, dive or to sit down back. There are such loads of uncommon fish right here that I felt love I was floating around in a natural aquarium!


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