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MLB is now on the 1/3 point of the 2012 season – Fifty four video games – and Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto is on the methodology to hit sixty seven doubles. That will presumably perchance tie him with Boston Crimson Sox outfielder Earl Webb – aka “the Earl of Doublin '” – who reached that designate in 1931.

The National League tale of sixty four used to be house by Joe “Ducky” Medwick of the Gasoline Home Gang era. Louis Cardinals in 1936.

The Reds absorb played fifty three video games and Votto has 22 doubles; that scramble works out to sixty seven doubles, which can presumably perchance tie the ML tale and house a brand contemporary NL designate.

Todd Helton lashed fifty 9 two baggers for the Rockies in 2000, the identical year Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays) led the AL with fifty seven. Those signify the suited totals in each and each league since 1936 when Medwick had his tale surroundings season and Charlie “The Mechanical Man “Gehringer hit 60 for the Tigers.

There had been true 3 other seasons when a player gathered extra than 60 doubles:

“Tioga” George Burns for the 1926 Indians. His sixty four used to be the conventional sooner than Webb's silent standing tale season and the first time that a player reached the 60 degree. Tris Speaker, the all time leader with 792 doubles, had house the story of fifty 9 in 1923.

Hall of Famers Hank Greenberg and Paul Waner hit sixty three and sixty two for the 1934 Detroit Tigers and 1932 Pittsburg Pirates, respectively.

Brian Roberts grew to was the nineteenth player to surpass fifty five doubles with fifty 9 for the 2009 Baltimore Orioles. Two gamers absorb reached fifty five or extra in a season for a total of 21 seasons in MLB history.

Medwick and Billy Herman each and each did it twice. Medwick had fifty six in 1937 as a apply up to his NL tale surroundings season and Herman, the HOF 2nd baseman for the Chicago Cubs, hit fifty seven in both the 1935 and 1936 seasons.

A lot of different gamers are on scramble to hit fifty five or extra this season; here are there projected totals:

Adrian Gonzalez Crimson Sox 60

Robinson Cano Yankees 58

Michael Cuddyer Rockies fifty seven

David Wright Mets fifty six

Ian Kinsler Rangers fifty six

The tip 5 profession leaders in doubles unquestionably are a inappropriate portion of gamers and eras. Here are the tip 5 leaders with profession total and years active:

Tris Speaker 792 1907 – 1928

Pete Rose 746 1963 – 1986

Stan Musial 725 1941 – 1963

Ty Cobb 723 1905-1928

Craig Biggio 668 1988 – 2007

Helton and Bobby Abreu (now with Dodgers) are the leaders amongst active gamers with 564 and 562. Both are internal witness of the 572 doubles that marks Twentieth diagram all time and currently held by currently retired Ivan “Pudge” Rodriquez.


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