Secrets of Bonding 151: It be Time For Timing

With Surety Bonds, Timing could even simply moreover be seriously critical. There are clear things that need to happen first. You can’t in discovering them out of characterize. Here are some examples. Elevate out you know which comes first, and why?

Conceal the answers with half of paper as you scroll down. (Paper is white stuff folks old to jot down on. Truly !)

1. Characterize Bond / Performance Bond

OK that became as soon as a easy one. They in discovering more sturdy. Characterize bonds constantly advance first – if there may perhaps be one. No longer all performance bonds are preceded by a divulge bond. Negotiated initiatives would be an instance.

2. Bond execution / Indemnity Settlement execution

The Indemnity constantly comes before the bond. It’s far the promise to pay support the surety in the tournament of a claim / loss. Sureties desire this protection in procure before they carry any menace.

Three. Bond / Top price price

Truly, it depends on the surety and agent. Some, but no longer all, require price in attain.

four. Surety Consent to final Payment / Obligee Reputation Inquiry

The Reputation Inquiry in discovering comes first. It’s far the obligees assertion that the work is appropriate. The surety requires to see this before agreeing to liberate the final price. If there are unresolved concerns, the contractor need to tackle them before the closing contract funds advance over. (That's honest true motivation!)

5. Payment Bond liberate (exoneration) / End of Lien period

Since the bond ensures the payments that would also simply be owed throughout the lien period, the time for liens need to end before the bond is concluded.

6. Contract acceptance / Repairs bond scenario

Sureties desire the contract licensed first and the P & P bond launched before assuming the menace related to a Repairs bond. Some obligees require issuance of the upkeep bond simultanously with the P & P bond, but underwriters resist this.

7. Characterize Outcomes / P & P bond scenario

Underwriters desire to maintain in thoughts the adequacy of the contract tag old to bond scenario. They construct this by evaluating the divulge outcomes, evaluating the an infinite desire of proposals. In some instances, the divulge outcomes are no longer published, in which case they salvage got soar it!

Eight. P & P bond for started project / All Honest Letter

The All Honest letter is the obligee's assurance that there’s now not any longer already an scenario on the contract that may perhaps lead to an instantaneous bond claim. Sureties require a exquisite bill of successfully being before bonding a started project (with out the level of completion is terribly low ie 5%).

9. Award Letter / Peek to Proceed

Award letter comes first, then the contract signing and Peek to Proceed is issued.


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