The -Silog Identification

Thanks to the constant presence of rice and egg in most Pinoy breakfasts, we Filipinos, with all our wit and creativity, came up with our contain title for it: the -silog meals, prefixed with whatever your meat need is. So that's meat + Sinnangag (fried rice) + itLOG . In case you're eating tapa , it's tapsilog . If it's tocino , tocilog . If longganisa , longsilog . Beautiful, staunch?

Not most productive does this outline the finest (or no longer no longer up to the first) meal of the day, it also affords our breakfast favorites a mark of their contain. There are now variants like litsilog (for litson ), chicksilog (for rooster), and even spamsilog (for unsolicited mail). While the egg and rice are the requirements, the meat is what would construct the dish special.

Make a selection as an illustration, tapa . When cooking tapa , you might want to contain staunch the staunch steadiness between salty and sweet. Some need it in chunks or chew-measurement pieces; some need it in shreds. A undeniable sauce is also concocted to switch with the dish, nonetheless extra most frequently than no longer titillating vinegar is enough.

Now, all this discuss breakfast and tapsilog is potentially making you hungry. I forgot to show essentially the most clear-crop fraction: Pinoy breakfasts are simplest taken at any time of the day. There is no closing date in phrases of some right ol ' tapsilog . Filipinos like their contain meals and would gladly feast on them, any time of the day. One element that explains why Filipinos staunch like eating breakfast meals anytime of the day is their like for rice. Breakfast for Filipinos staunch would no longer be full without it. Rice amongst many Filipino favorites staunch retains the energy up all day. Here is why Filipinos are steadily chanced on shopping for rice meals wherever they sprint correct thru the sector. Any dish is a fever when loved with a cup of rice, after all, feasting is no longer recent and uncommon for Filipinos. The Filipino spirit makes daily a cause to contain time a feast.

The eminent Tapsilog staunch reminds us of the goodness of Filipino meals and that we could perhaps mute no longer veer away from the possibilities to undercover agent so great extra from Filipino meals. Let your self be taught and undercover agent a deep like For Filipino meals and also you might want to perhaps staunch be in a put to solve some diminutive-known magic at the back of it. So, what are you looking ahead to? Fry up an egg, some rice, and a few tapa , and contain your self a delectable breakfast staunch now, it be no longer associated what time it is.


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