Freezing Tomatoes for Year-Round Enjoyment

Making the Most Out of Your Tomatoes

One fruit people treasure to grow and desire is tomatoes. Unfortunately, once tomatoes ripen, they cease no longer closing too prolonged. There would possibly maybe be a formula to retain them fresh longer even supposing. You would possibly maybe presumably be ready to simply freeze them.

Steps to Freezing Tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes stops them from ripening and rotting. It's delight in stopping time for the tomatoes. If you defrost them, you would possibly maybe presumably additionally honest acquire ones which can presumably presumably be on the identical stage of ripeness they were while you first iced over them. But acquire in mind that defrosted tomatoes ought to quiet no longer be feeble as fresh tomatoes, upright for cooking.

To freeze tomatoes, you'll need upright two items:

  • Tomatoes
  • Freezer bags

Then you'll have to practice these steps:

  1. Tomatoes are in season from June by map of September (even supposing you would possibly maybe presumably additionally acquire them year-spherical on the food market ensuing from varied rising locations). This is while you ought to quiet open freezing them.
  2. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly and wipe them dry.
  3. There's no have to utilize away the skins because they’ll procedure honest off while you defrost them later.
  4. If you would possibly maybe presumably presumably even be freezing many tomatoes, dwelling them on a baking sheet and set up them in the freezer for about a hours. This ensures that can free without being bruised by others next to them in a acquire.
  5. When they’re a tiny bit frozen, you would possibly maybe presumably utilize away them from the freezer and dwelling them in the freezer bags. It's wise to dwelling the freezer acquire down and acquire one layer of tomatoes in desire to throwing them in all collectively.
  6. Attach the acquire leisurely your freezer because it's the coldest part.

That's it! If you're ready to utilize them, utilize away as many tomatoes as you’d like and defrost them in the microwave or at room temperature while you're no longer in a jog.

Guidelines for Freezing

  • You would possibly maybe presumably be ready to freeze every form of tomatoes.
  • Invent no longer store tomatoes in the fridge. It causes them to lose flavor. If you would possibly maybe presumably’t freeze them at the moment, dwelling them on a counter the other map up with the stem on the counter.
  • Frozen tomatoes are ultimate for 10 months.
  • Frozen tomatoes are ultimate for sauces, purees, and soups in desire to salads. They’ll drop apart while you defrost them, so that they cease no longer delay well in salads. They additionally cease no longer acquire that honest-from-the-backyard taste.
  • Now that solutions to freeze tomatoes, cease no longer inconvenience about buying too many or having an overabundance of them on your backyard. Get as many as you would possibly maybe presumably because you'll enjoy your efforts while you sit down down to acquire tasty imprint sauce in the center of the wintry, winter months.


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