2013 NL West Predictions

The World Sequence Champion Giants uncover fancy the group to beat in this division. The Dodgers made some off season moves, but they are able to even no longer be adequate to exhaust the Giants.

1 Giants – The Giants must reduction up their World Sequence make a selection with one other deep playoff bustle. Buster Posey might perhaps be leading the Giants offensively. The pitching workers that he’ll be handling includes Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Tim Lincecum, and Barry Zito. If they maintain healthy, they are able to even be the group to beat in the West

2 Dodgers – The Dodgers picked up Zack Greinke, who must light lend a hand their rotation. With Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez leading the worth, they must light ranking some runs. An damage to Hanley Ramirez will maintain him out for the first six weeks and leaves a immense gap at Zero.33 rotten. Any early walk will blueprint it hard to exhaust the Giants this season.

Three Diamondbacks – The Diamondbacks can procure a young rotation, all underneath 30 years aged. Losing Justin Upton does no longer lend a hand issues. They performed eighty one-eighty one in 2012 and uncover fancy they might perhaps well perhaps carry out with about the same file in 2013.

4 Padres – Varied than Slump Headley (who will originate the season on the DL), the Padres conclude no longer procure any stars on their group. Rookie phenom catcher Yasmani Grandal might perhaps be missing 50 games attributable to a PED suspensioin. Their pitching rotation is underwhelming.

5 Rockies – The worst pitching workers from 2012 does no longer uncover fancy it improved principal for 2013. Troy Tulowitzki is the undisputed huge name of the Rockies, but there's no longer principal extra on this group. If the pitching comes around, they are able to even battle the Padres for 4th region, but even that looks fancy a protracted shot.

The NL West can even no longer procure a 90 sport winner in 2013, but their division champ can even blueprint a deep playoff bustle. The Giants and the Dodgers are the front runners.


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