Be a Enough-Pop Ice Cream Bar Fan!

Brace yourself because a varied roughly Enough-Pop is now on its attain to the Philippines – this time, it's in ice cream assemble!

Of us which would per chance per chance be followers of the Enough-pop constructing would indubitably love the steady info. They can now care for up for having a taste of the sweet cream bars from Magnolia . These are Korean impressed fruity flavored ice pops that can hold your summer shuttle even greater. And they attain in four varied flavors.

So why must you are trying Enough-Pop ?


You end no longer constantly need to roam for gargantuan gallons of these frozen delights; it is advisable to per chance per chance furthermore serene revel on your hot summer day with any kind of Enough-Pop. For most interesting 20 pesos, it is advisable to per chance per chance furthermore already indulge in the taste of these flavorful ice pops.


With each lick and chunk, you can seek the creamy flavor. Careful though! You lawful would per chance per chance per chance win hooked on the soft taste of fruity and soft gelato that melts on your mouth fancy magic.

Rich and Fruity

With its four fruity flavors, honeydew, strawberry, mango and banana, your taste buds will celebrate. You may per chance love the fruity sensation and the rich flavor.


Your kids will love the gentle colours of these gelato bars. They are in inexperienced, yellow and pink – one of the best colours for a hot summer day.

Is no longer it a treat? It is virtually summer and these Enough-Pops are match on your summer getaway. All you must is a cooler, and stress-free and moving summer locations. To let you revel on your Enough-Pops this summer, listed below are just a few tips to fulfill A Enough-Pop Summer Chase Tackle:

  1. Seashore Banana Boat

Occurring swimming? You may per chance serene revel in eating these pops whilst you happen to ship them with you. Genuine bringing a cooler and reserve these ice cream bars for merienda.

  1. Relaxing Berry Picnic

Picnics are most interesting done one day of summer. Raise these checkered picnic mats and wood baskets, put together your tasty sandwiches and high off the fever with some Enough-Pop Strawberry ice cream bars to ease the summer warmth.

  1. Swimming Sun-Cream

Making an try for the right seaside? Why no longer are attempting Boracay or Palawan this summer? Any seaside will spoil as long as it is advisable to per chance per chance furthermore honest bear a Enough-Pop Banana ice cream bar with you.

  1. Mango to Trail

Boulevard trips are one of the most hottest summer adventures. This relaxing trip will indubitably be enjoyed with a Enough-Pop Mango ice cream bar in hand.

Sure, whether you is seemingly to be spending your summer shuttle in the seaside or swimming pools or you're lawful occurring an easy picnic or moving side toll road outing, Enough-Pop would per chance per chance be your most interesting bud for the weekend. So pick yours from roaming Magnolia carts or nearest supermarkets. Load up on Enough-Pops and revel in the summertime of a lifetime!


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