Different Cell Energy (ACE) and KELEA Activated Water in Serving to Preserve far from the Need for GM Foods

Many commercial food crops like been genetically modified (GM) to resist the application of toxic chemical substances and to, theby, destroy a enhance advantage over weeds, bugs and other pathogens, that are readily kiled by the chemical substances. As these competitiveness life forms step by step make resistance to the toxic chemical substances, extra genetic modifications of the food crops are desired to enable for the introduction of extra toxic chemical substances. This by no method-ending effort is an even enterprise model, in particular since the toxic chemical substances being veteran are also harmful to the fashioned crops of farmers who pause not want to consume GM food crops.

A far higher method is to readily up the intrinsic aggressive merit of the specified slice by making improvements to its replacement mobile energy (ACE) pathway. This would possibly be completed by using KELEA ™ activated water for the length of cultivation.

KELEA ™ refers to “kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction.” It’s a essential force of Nature, which is outwardly desired to forestall the fusion and annihilation of opposing electrical costs. It reduces the intermolecular hydrogen bonding between water molecules, leading to a more dynamic and biologically supporting fluid. KELEA ™ is also without complications and inexpensively offered to the water being veteran for slice irrigation. Varied strategies are readily accessible for doing so, including the addition of obvious ceramics with separated electrical costs.

KELEA ™ is only understood as undoubtedly one of three determined pathways all the strategy in which by which cells can invent energy. The first pathway, which is straight accessible to vegetation and to obvious bacteria, is photosynthesis. Energy from daylight is absorbed by chlorophyll and veteran to combine water with carbon dioxide to make carbohydrates (sugar) with the launch of oxygen. The second source of mobile energy involves the reconversion of the carbohydrates support to water and carbon dioxide. The approach mainly occurs in the cells' mitochondria. There it requires oxygen and is concept as oxidative phosphorylation. A excessive-energy phosphate community is added to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to yield adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The added energy offered in the conversion of ADP to ATP is straight accessible for the synthesis of lipids and proteins, which is ready to later also serve as sources of food energy. The reconversion of ATP to ADP also provides the energy for many mobile capabilities.

The 1/Three pathway of mobile energy acquisition is by the absorption, both straight or circuitously, of KELEA ™. This pure energy is associated to un-bonded electrical costs, to illustrate, as can happen in dipolar molecules. Certain of these molecules can launch the absorbed energy into nearby fluids in reputedly an oscillatory design. KELEA ™ absorbed into water can dramatically magnify the dynamic and natural activities of the water. The ACE pathway is neutral of mitochondria, oxygen and of regular food-derived calories.

In ongoing reviews KELEA ™ or ACE activated water has been confirmed to reinforce farm productivity in phrases of total yields, elevated uniformity of make, more efficient extraction of nutrients from the soil, less susceptibility of the crops to pests and diseases and longer shelf life. Outcomes with rice and sugarcane productivity like been in particular compelling. They’re such that the generalization looks appropriate that everyone farming operations have to quiet be using KELEA ™ activated water. More importantly, using KELEA ™ activated water would perchance even simply well decrease or even buy far from the need for GM crops.

Extra reviews are required to bear in mind varied diversified approaches of providing KELEA ™ activated water at genuinely the identical payment of regular water. Farmers are also encouraged to support support medical reviews on secondary advantages to animals and humans on the consumption of crops cultured with KELEA ™ activated water.


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