History of Manikaran Gurudwara in Himachal Pradesh

A outing to Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh is complete with out a day's ruin at the Manikaran Sahib. Situated 35 kilometers from Kullu and Four kilometers from Kasol, it is miles a destination that conjoins lovely sights and non secular sentiments with an adventurous outing. It is a ways one in every of the few auspicious sightings which maintain both Hindus and Sikh sentiment connected simultaniously. Thus, thousands and thousands of holiday makers throng it every twelve months. Situated on the banks of River Parvati, Manikaran affords many breathtaking websites of the lofty snow-clad mountains within the background.

Manikaran Sahib, the gurudwara is the largest plight to search the advice of with in Manikaran. It is a totally maintained Gurudwara. It moreover affords free of price 'langar' (food distribution) as neatly as accommodation alternate suggestions. The Gurudwara is moreover renowned for its bridge and the gushing sizzling springs. The rice within the 'langar' are made by inserting little packets of rice within the contemporary spring itself.


As per mythology, it is miles believed that Guru Nanak Dev ji, the principle Guru of Sikhism, visited this plight in 1/three Udasi. He used to be accompanied by one in every of his ardent disc, Bhai Mardana. After touring, Bhai Mardana used to be hungry and that they had no food. Guru Nanak Dev ji, then requested Bhai Mardana to query spherical for food for Langar. The tremendous of us of the city donated flour. But, it soundless needed to be cooked as 'rotis' (wheat bread made in India). Attributable to the high altitude there used to be no fireplace or warmth to cook them in. Guru Nanak Devji then suggested Bhai Mardana to eradicate a stone within the valley. It is a ways believed that the contemporary spring fluted out from this very plight. Guru Nanak Dev ji then requested Bhai Mardana to roll the chapattis and to construct them within the contemporary spring. To Bhai Mardana's despair, the chapattis sank interior the spring. Guru Nanak Dev ji then requested him to give prayers to God and promise him to donate one chapatti from his a part of chapattis. He did as told and the chapattis came reduction up, totally baked and interesting to exhaust. It is a ways thus, believed that one thing else supplied to the spring with prayers and the intent to donate, floats reduction up to the outside of the spring.

The pious water of the spring is sulphur-much less in nature and is alleged to maintain particular therapeutic properties that assist in curing of ailments cherish Arthritis.

Other than the Grudwara, Manikaran affords varied areas to search the advice of with come the Manikaran Sahib cherish the a good deal of temples and the Brahma Ganga Sangam (confluence of RiverPaap Nasini and River Parbati) to raise a dip in.


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