World Economic Procedure in Anguish – A Kabbalistic Point of view

“Coming events solid their shadows long upfront.” When Al Gore talked about world warming, of us called him loopy. The identical treatment was once given to visionsaries of the previous, as recorded by historical previous.

I look these shadows now. The reasons are many: some are economic, while others are non secular. The philosophy in the abet of it’s partly logical.

The macro affects the micro. Whatever happens to the mass has a without lengthen influence on the person. We are in the course of two wars – one non secular, the opposite economic – triggered by an dilapidated procedure of money transference with out a ticket, called “Havala”. It’s miles historical on the entire planet. The whole money from the sale of medication and oil is saved in losses in fetch of gold nuggets. Right here’s certain to threaten the industrial instruct of the industrialized international locations with out we return to a gold fashioned. The strategy of Islamic states is rather extra subtle, based totally on very strict non secular edicts. All these changes are because of the immediate approaching Aquarian Age because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The sale of illegal medication and oil has empowered Islamic and other international locations to eliminate fingers in the initiating market. This has threatened a lot of the sphere markets. We look the evidence of this in fetch of agitations and attacks in varied international locations.

If we stock out now not transfer like a flash to face this tsunami, then the entire economic procedure and the sphere civilization will face a effort nearly not probably to contend with. The whole bushes that stand erect when faced with a storm are elevated. And that’s the law.

Our civilization in the Western Hemisphere is constructed on social and economic rules. What if, due to interior unrest and economic stress and an absence of religion in the mighty greenback, the Chinese language authorities decides by shock to sell off US treasuries by the trillion? Can you give me a logical resolution befitting the urgency of the hassle? The result could be a entire wreck of the entire economic procedure. The US has taught the sphere a society based mostly credit score and about a hundred treaties of the sphere are in parity to the US greenback. When the US greenback dies, other international locations die too and can now not occupy any one to flip to. The sphere GDP and the political methods are going by a worry the dimension of which is terribly noteworthy to get.

The upcoming battle will now not require airplane carriers we boast loads about. It will be a jungle battle. And canines will spend canines. It’s miles dreary and makes no economic sense to utilize an atom bomb to abolish a mouse.

I fail to savor why world leaders, all in maintaining on to their political vitality sit quietly, critically taken aback of upsetting the sphere's apple cart. It’s miles set time somebody with guts will focus on up. We may maybe well like some distance sight, vision and leaders with courage and guts to transfer the civilized international locations in a direction which is able to carry out certain non permanent security of all.

The sphere's economic, political and social security is in the doldrums. Within the final few a long time the sale of illegal medication and oil by many international locations made some states rich. They’re now not historical to going by money in mammoth quantities. The Islamic states lift out now not belief the non-Islamic international locations, as they pursue non secular and economic solutions now not licensed by the Koran. Nonetheless the USA has now not taught them excessive finance and unusual technological advances developed by the USA at a extraordinarily excessive price.

The oil and drug rich international locations equipped gold bars for his or her vaults and converted their money into US greenbacks. The Chinese language equipped US treasuries – in some unspecified time in the future when the USA decides to interchange the industrial procedure, the US treasuries may be unloaded available in the market. Can you bet the influence on the banking and monetary institutions of the sphere who lift out now not belief the political leaders?

The Western civilization faces a mammoth effort for which we’re least ready and most linked to face. Change is most painful, but the amoeba highest strikes when it’s uncomfortable. Are we uncomfortable enough but? What’s your belief, we would cherish to know.

The edicts of the Holy Quran had been now not written to slot in the technological age we’re residing in this day. They’re primitive, but the Muslims eliminate them for licensed tips highest for eternity. Right here’s a grave misunderstanding, but I am certain the elite sign the truth enshrined in the Holy guide.

Options you, the educated Muslims eliminate a particular point of view than the illustrite lovers. With out realizing it, they are doing a mammoth disservice to the arriving Muslim generations and they may be able to also now not forgive them for the oversight with such meaningful consequences – but the Divine Laws operates with justice. Right here, as you sow, so shall you reap.

The Saudi Explore:

What’s the fall in oil prices about? Riyadh also can occupy a hidden agenda to dominate the sphere oil scene. Can they manage to pay for to confront Russia and Iran with out political and economic repercussions?

A couple of information about Saudi Arabia: extra than 70,000 of us are stateless, while 1 / four of the population consist of Bedouins (nomads) which may be identified as goats and sheep herders of the desert.

One diagram looks to be to defend impolite prices under $ 50 a barrel. Venezuela and Russia will each and every suffer. India and China will profit economically.

Saudi Arabia is in the abet of q4 because the OPEC's leader. Would this transfer pave the trend for the Syrian space to crumple? Russians cherish the oil assign at $ a hundred a barrel. Nonetheless now oil under $ 50 a barrel will lift down the ruble and the foreign reserves will bleed.

We must alter our sails per the direction of the winds that blow or perish. What’s your watch?


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