E book Evaluate of Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders

True now partaking and cleverly inventive, Ricardo Alexanders' Bollywood Invasion enrapts readers with a fun and fantastical coming of age tale, plan in a properly posed worsening of actuality and fiction which surpasses the reaches of time and continents.

Straight away the story draws you in, as in the inaugurate, we meet John Palmieri residing nowa days in Brooklyn; he's a nerd and Beatles lover in high college and unsatisfied with his decrease center class existence. Things inaugurate with him in the throes of a dream, but again being bested by his arch-enemy Frank Castellano. He loathes Frank, who sees to possess so out of the ordinary more than John; smarter mouth, better home, more pals, better stuff, including, the eye of the girl he secretly loves-Samantha.

The actual adventure begins when destiny crashes into his life, via an accident, knocking John unconscious. When John awakes, he finds himself in a parallel existence, where he has been transported help in time to unhurried 1950's, India. He wakes up as eighteen one year extinct Raj Scindia, a prince in the Indian royal family. Naturally, he's in the inaugurate confused by his sudden transportation to an fully international life and culture with many comical moments ensuing as he tries to wrap his head around what has came about to him.

Within the intervening time, as John acclimates to his contemporary life, he realizes he all of sudden has the life he has always dreamed of, a life which now entails money, wealth, eager females and intense privileges. However, as properly as being rich and privileged, the prince whose life John has taken over, also entails quite a lot of surprising points such as being engaged to a young lady thru pre-arranged marriage, having the repute of being a rotten, adulterous scamp, as properly as being a second one year student in a mechanical engineering college. Within the waste, deciding to construct the finest of his contemporary cases, John performs his privileged contemporary life to the hilt; he fakes being psychic and events now not no doubt taking his contemporary life too severely until he meets the finest buddy of his promised fiance, Ankita and falls straight away head over heels for her which within his contemporary culture offers upward thrust to many points. Whereas purchasing for systems to spend her over, John forays into the arena of track by becoming a member of a local band and makes employ of his extensive data of Beatles songs to propel his team “The Beetos” to “Beatles” characteristic making him and his team rock stars, thusly rising a parallel universe with the Bollywood model of the Beatles. In consequence, their contemporary found fame comes with surprising repercussions, as the story progresses with scenes that parallel events that if reality be told came about with the accused Beatles.

If truth be told, Bollywood Invasion proffers readers a compiling read that entertains the imagination with a unforgivable hump into adulthood. This develop into once a a success mixture with its crooked melding of Beatlemania, romance, drama, humor, tale ingredients, and nice looking characters, especially Raj / John who sees to a loosely posed reincarnation of John Lennon. This could construct a nice read for followers of tale or YA reads.


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