The Initiating do of Monetary Exchange

Money is an improbable phenomenon that allowed the world to make into the tragic and disastrous deliver it is in on the present time. Money is an invention designed for energy and preserve watch over and its origin is within the Islamic prepare of crucifixion of god-men. These Avatars were to upward push to heaven to marry Mary, the Mother God of that do. Her symbols consist of the solar-giant name depicted on the flag of Islam and the 5-pointed giant name that sits over the programs that comprise the World Squawk as effectively because the deplorable.

Following my reincarnation and with a stable link to the Spirit of the Universe, the completely exact God (Isaiah Forty five: four-eight) it mandated me to shuffle down the wall of blindness and produce within the harvest. We’re within the closing days and the Web is the Mountain of God promised to seem right this moment to unfold the truth over the world (Micah four: 1).

It used to be foretold that God would be in contact by the screech of a girl (Isaiah forty two:14) to address an astronomical controversy (Jeremiah 25: 31,33). She most often known because the daughter of Zion (Micah four: eight,10) and it is she who will expel the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation eleven: 3ff (Jeremiah 31:22).

The wall used to be built by the first beast of Revelation 13 and it combines the blind and deaf outcomes of religion (Isaiah 29: 10-12). It used to be a situation home by God to shroud the truth (Job 12: 5ff) and money is designed to red meat up its outcomes.

Mary is the first beast and it used to be 'she' who men thought they’d 'marry' by dying on crosses initially gentle. This would enable them to upward push with the solar into the heaven the do they’d supposedly live forever. Itave them the heed that they are made within the image of God, that is as a giant name, and that on death that part of them, the 'sol' (solar) would be launched.

The assorted aspect of their sacrifice used to be to alternate their lives for more fertility within the world. Right here’s the origin of the 'man within the heed' or 'mon-heed' which is the origin of 'money'. The stiff corpse or 'dol' is interpreted as 'feed circle of god' and the flesh of the god-man used to be ateen to imbibe his spirit. It's the origin of the communion carrier in Christian religions.

He used to be moreover the 'b-el' or 'ba-el' which is 'bearer of the capacity of God' which is mentioned in prophecy because the 'lord of the day' (Amos 2: 5). From 'ba-el' came 'bull' and changing him for goods wave upward push to 'bullion'; the unit of financial alternate.


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