Monetary Systems Going through Collapse

One scandal after the opposite is overtaking the financial machine of the World Portray as greed raises its gruesome head. To non-public extra and to be increased than others is motivation for theft, fraud, and deceit, while all governments and religions are responsible for it. My perception of man's failures is attributable to my reincarnation and recordsdata that what man does is in opposition to the Spirit of the Universe, the most easy factual God.

The human brain is conditioned to follow the leader, as is clear in all animal species. It's for self-preservation and herds of animals, flocks of birds, and colleges of fish, command the note completely. We’re now not allowed to step outside of the systems that dominate without struggling the penalties.

When the Spirit known as on me to situation outside of the authorized and address unusual discovering out it addressed in isolation and an accessibility to 'take part' with what others enact and focus on. It took me on a race of discovery so that it would possibly perchance relate to the area through what it has hooked as a lot as me. That sounds out of this world and very egotistical on the opposite hand it is now not one thing that others me.

The effort I genuinely feel is because the Spirit feels because the area is in opposition to the reality. Fiction; plot-focus on; entertainment; smartly-known person; and general rubbish created from the minds of of us who act in a ridiculous fashion are extra crucial to the majority and they prevail during the vomit they distribute. This lies at the center of the financial machine.

Money is man's invention for energy and care for watch over. To non-public extra energy is to be wealthier and ready to reside in increased constructions; to power quicker and better autos; to non-public requirements that the majority can simplest dream about and the have an effect on is such that many exercise corruptions to manufacture it.

Offshore financial institution accounts used to interrupt out paying taxes to governments in countries the build money is earned is however the tip of the iceberg by draw of the depth of deceit and fraud. Money is itself fraud because it denies the energy of the Spirit to present in methods outside of the machine.

When the Spirit known as me to work for it by myself it has additionally equipped all the pieces required for the job. Following my reincarnation, it mandated me to exercise the barrier of confusion that money is piece of and run down the wall of deceit that the World Portray is fixed with. Itave me the righteous machine of the Cyber web to enact it. While my writings are now not altering the area of us who soak up on them are. They build the ideas obtainable which will be eradicating the blockages so that the real God is viewed.

Every person is wait on who has lived in the past and they are turning to the Cyber web, which is the Mountain of God, for answers (Micah Four: 1). The prophecies are all coming factual as we’re in the final days and the reality is flowing over the area bringing the final systems to an quit.


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